The Debugger opens, but is blank


I have a terrible memory. Half of the posts on here exist only so I’ll know where to look the next time I can’t remember something. This post is in the same vein.

Ever attempted to use the Dynamics AX Debugger, only to find that when it opens it is blank?

The Debugger opens, but is blank.

You’ve done everything here to enable the debugger. You’ve even remembered to enable debugging in your user options, and disabled CIL (here).

If you check this link, you’ll see the line ‘On some operating systems it is necessary to run the debugger with administrator privileges’. Easy to overlook, but if you’re getting a blank debugger, start the AX Client with the ‘Run as administrator’ option and try again. Et voilà! It works.

The reason this is necessary might be related to something part of Windows’ UAC called ‘Admin approval’, and if you wanted to investigate this further, you might want to find the section entitled ‘Disabling Admin Approval Mode’ at this link.

Written by K3 AX Consultant: Guy Terry