Insight from your data

With all the challenges businesses face in today’s complex environment, the stakes are just too high to base decisions on guesswork, rules of thumb or outdated information. You need real business insight, and you need it fast.

Meetings that begin with discussions about whose spreadsheet has the “right” data are a frustrating waste of time. Banish that discussion from your business with Advanced Business Intelligence™ powered by I.B.I.S., Inc. Start basing business decisions on real insight based on facts instead of guesswork.

Advanced Business Management™ is part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite that is a fully integrated component of Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

No business can afford to run on guesswork. You need insight to make the right decisions. Advanced Business Intelligence™ delivers the insight you need, whenever you need it, quickly and cost effectively. Advanced Business Intelligence™ includes key performance indicators tailored to the needs of distributors, removing the complexity from finding the information you need. Stop scrolling through data and start relying on insight with Advanced Business Intelligence™ from I.B.I.S.

Advanced Inventory Management

Increase profitability while optimizing inventory and reducing costs with features like Customer Allocated Inventory, Consignment Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory, Cable and Reel Management, and Trade Service Price Management.

Advanced Order Management

Deliver exceptional customer service and increase upselling opportunities by arming your customer service reps with real-time customer and product information. Advanced Order Management™ features include Advanced Order Entry, Stock Availability, Product Substitutions/Upselling, Left to Qualify, Duplicate Order Checking, Counter Sales and Lost Sales Tracking.

Advanced Revenue Management

Optimize pricing and increase margins with features like Cost to Serve Management, Trade Promotion Management, Advanced Pricing, Advanced Chargeback Management, Vendor Rebate Management, Advanced Deductions Management, and Advanced Commissions Management.