Simplify your order process

Customers don’t respond well to slow and cumbersome ordering processes, and inefficient processes lead to increased errors, missed opportunities as well as irate customers and lost sales.

With Advanced Order Management™ powered by I.B.I.S., Inc. you have instant access to customer and inventory information for an immediate, holistic view of the account status. Now it’s easier than ever to deliver exceptional customer service, win customer loyalty and create new revenue opportunities.

Advanced Order Management™ is part of the Advanced Supply Chain Management™ Software suite that is a fully integrated component of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Effective order management is one of the most important processes in your entire business because it is the process that most effects your customers. It makes sense to ensure that order management processes are as streamlined and efficient as they can possibly be.

With Advanced Order Management™ from IBIS, you have the tools and visibility you need to take and manage orders quickly, efficiently and accurately. Built-in error proofing such as duplicate order checking and tight integration with all capabilities of Advanced Pricing Management, included in Advanced Revnue Management™ module, help to ensure an optimum experience for your costumers. Every customer appreciates dealing with companies that are easy to do business with, so improving order management processes helps increase revenue. Make sure you’re staying ahead of the competition with the best possible order management solutions.

Advanced Revenue Management

Optimize pricing and increase margins with features like Cost to Serve Management, Trade Promotion Management, Advanced Pricing, Advanced Chargeback Management, Vendor Rebate Management, Advanced Deductions Management, and Advanced Commissions Management.

Advanced Business Management

Gain the critical insight needed to improve operations, make informed decisions, and predict outcomes with key performance indicators (KPIs), such as customer profitability, lowest and highest cost to serve customers, percentage of on time deliveries, percentage of invoices current and past due, warehouse productivity, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

Advanced Inventory Management

Increase profitability while optimizing inventory and reducing costs with features like Customer Allocated Inventory, Consignment Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory, Cable and Reel Management, and Trade Service Price Management.