To-Increase offers a suite of powerful yet easy to use mobile solutions that support various business processes. The following solutions are available:

To-Increase mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX have properties that make our solutions really unique:

  • Fully integrated in Dynamics AXThis assures you that our mobile solutions will work perfectly within your existing Microsoft Dynamics environment. In addition, your current ERP partner can do the implementation and support.
  • Completely based on Microsoft technologyOur mobile solutions are based on familiar Microsoft products like Windows Server and IIS and do not use any (3rd party) middleware. This makes implementation and support easy.
  • Extremely flexibleEach solution can be tailored to your specific needs with a range of available settings in Dynamics. And if necessary, it is also possible to enhance or modify our solutions in the same way as you can modify your Dynamics processes; simply by adding or changing the business logic of Dynamics itself.
  • Device independentTo-Increase solutions run on virtually any device with a browser, including tablets, rugged mobile terminals and smartphones. This offers freedom of choice and cost savings in supporting a mobile infrastructure remotely.

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