Strict government regulations and reliance on raw materials dependent on forces such as the weather mean that satisfying customer demand whilst turning over a profit are difficult for many growers. K3 have developed a specialist Microsoft AX Dynamics service for growers, making it easier to run your business and concentrate on the important things. Our solutions are tailored to you and industry specific so you know you’re getting something that will help make managing your processes easier and more efficient.

AX Dynamics Solutions Developed Specifically for Growers

AX Dynamics for GrowersWhen it comes to accounting for growers, nothing is simple, but we know how to help. Variable such as grade, multiple units of measurement and attribute information must be taken into account and systems need to be efficient and streamlined to aid success and to manage grower settlements with improved accuracy into inventory, invoicing, accounts and may other aspects. Our AX Dynamics for Growers solutions help you track quantity and quality of your products to manage payments in all forms. Our solutions help track transactions and provide flexibility where it is needed.

Our AX Dynamics for Growers solutions can offer the following benefits and more:

  • Develop an-depth view of processes and performance
  • Simplify the planning and production process
  • Support and manage complete supply chains
  • Real-time data viewing
  • Track completely from source to end customer
  • Help you ensure the highest quality produce
  • Maximise profit margins whilst minimising waste
  • Process orders quickly and efficiently
  • Allow for easy and effective auditing
  • Improve customer service

FreshDynamics in practice in the Fresh Produce Industry

Award-winning potato supplier to the nation, E. Park and Sons are investing in special fresh produce software from K3. Established in 1924, E. Park and Sons are a family-owned and run business and are the sole licensee of National Trust Potatoes and Vegetables. They have a strong reputation for high quality and innovation and its new FreshDynamics™ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will help maintain its leading edge in the potato supply chain. View the full press-release here.

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