B2C E-Commerce for distributors, resellers and wholesalers

Distributors, resellers and wholesalers are turning to K3 to help them create strong lasting relationships with their customers by building B2B e-Commerce solutions that give a rich customer experience that build loyalty and satisfaction and so maximise potential revenue.

B2C E-Commerce Nav-to-Net from K3 is a proven integrated e-Commerce Solution exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV that empowers organisations with business agility through rapid reliable e-Commerce transactions, reduced maintenance costs and improved customer online experience.
Nav-to-Net helps create binding relationships by having online order environments that are personalised to the customer’s needs and direct IT integration with customers’ ordering and payment systems.

Benefit from NAV-to-Net

Nav-to-Net is a fully integrated B2C, B2B and B2E ready e-Commerce solution. It is a solution designed to expand on the value and flexibility in Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, enabling you to take your business online simply and effectively.
The customer experience is one aspect of web solutions that often gets lost somewhere between the HTML and the data. Nav-to-Net’s logical hierarchy based on your customers’ wants and needs improves the overall customer online experience. Nav-to-Net makes it easy for your B2B and B2C customers to locate products, view prices and information about products, choose payment methods, and review return and exchange policies through a user friendly environment.

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