Budgeting and Forecasting SoftwareK3′ Budgeting and Forecasting Software solutions are the perfect way to organise the way your business is run, allowing you to create an effective budgeting plan and accurately forecast factors such as expenditure, overheads and net profit. An effective budgeting solution is essential for any organisation as being able to know exactly what amount of funds can be delegated to each area of the business ensures that any potential overspend is avoided and allows you to maximise profit in the long run. Being able to forecast expenditure and income is vital to this process as you are then able to know where your income is likely to come from and how to spread the costs and outgoings so as to better maximise net profit.

Many budgeting and forecasting software do not offer the same advanced level of control and detail as K3′ software, which is guaranteed to provide a complete and comprehensive system that continues to be easy to manage and understand, whilst also allowing you to clearly and concisely interpret results.

Fast, effective and affordable Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Sales Forecasting provides a dynamic calculation of projected future sales demand based on sales history and/or future sales budgets, for a given item or stock keeping unit. The forecast can be calculated for a single item or range of items and can be passed as demand directly within the requisition worksheet calculate plan process, or via a production forecast.