What exactly do the analysis stages consist of?

Phase I – On-site consultancy

  • Identification of core users
  • Defining current key IT requirements
  • Understanding the business process within the organisation
  • Evaluation of packaged solution fit to business processes
  • Evaluation of medium and long-term IT requirements and
    qualification of the business benefits of new technologies.

Phase II – Documentation

  • Preparation of a Business Needs Requirement document
  • Full explanation of relevant and available technologies, Web
    applets, decision support tools, data warehousing technologies,
    horizontal and vertical applications, explanations of proposals and
    software and hardware
  • Documentation of full business benefits
  • Suggested phasing of implementations
  • Outline of budgetary requirements for phases of implementation.

The initial analysis phase is attended by a Principal Consultant and key technical personnel from within K3 as required by the demands of the project. Also in attendance will be the appropriate client personnel involved in the key business processes. These people will form the ‘special interest group’ for the roll-out of the project.

The on-site consultancy will involve the interest group in a series of one to one and small group discussions.

What about documentation?

This report formalises all the findings of the analysis stages. It’s produced collectively by K3 personnel detailing all the salient points and issues discussed during analysis.

The document is circulated to the personnel identified by the client and then K3 will present the findings to the group in a forum for discussion and feedback.

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Why a Business Needs Analysis (BNA)?

The purpose of a BNA is to clarify understanding of the business processes and aims of the client – both immediate and in the future – and to define the key components that are collectively required to move the business forward. By taking advantage of the best processes and technologies, the aim is to enhance processes and systems within the organisation to deliver real business benefits.

What’s the format for the BNA exercise?

The BNA exercise will typically include the following key areas of

  • Background to current business practice
  • Mission of the client
  • Strategic project goals and milestone identification
  • Summary of findings
  • Concerns
  • Professional comments / summary of recommendations
  • Summary of the deliverable stages
  • Budgetary considerations
  • Business workflows
  • Example designs
  • Infrastructure requirements

The analysis stage involves two distinct phases:

  1. Face-to-face consultancy
  2. Documentation

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