Reduce project risk while improving your quality of service!

IT solutions typically involve any number of people and products that
have not been used in exactly the same way as before yet need to
meet a mutual requirement – and that invariably carries significant risks.

Advances in computing technology present us with a paradox; the
promise of making clients’ operational activities more competitive,
efficient or profitable balanced with the threat of expensive and drawn
out IT implementations brought on by non-standard components,
proprietary platforms, limited development environments and scarce

Why a Project Definition Workshop (PDW)?

One way of improving the chances of project success is to implement a
PDW covering ALL components of the solution. Besides reducing project
and technical risk, this approach also improves buying decisions and
ultimately the quality of service to our clients.

The idea is to clarify understanding of the business processes involved and
present a well-qualified and carefully defined solution that completely
satisfies the aims of your organisation – both now and in the future.

What’s the procedure for a PDW?

The process adopted within the PDW exercise is a
proven one that provides substantial, material benefits.
K3 will commit to achieve the following within the
scope of the PDW:

  • Project & resource commitment by senior consultants
  • Full definition of project goals and objectives
  • Workshop discussions & project / solution outline
  • Identify real business benefits.
  • Project Management.

What about documentation?

An important part of the process is a document that
formalises all the findings of the analysis stages. This
comprehensive report is produced collectively by
K3 personnel detailing all the salient points and
issues discussed during the analysis.

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