Dynamics Nav SAASDynamics Nav SAAS (Software As A Service) refers to how our Dynamics Nav services are delivered. Rather than the more conventional on-site systems customers can receive their services over the internet on hosted platforms. This means that any upgrades or changes are handled seamlessly without any hassle to you. It also means that the initial set-up of the service can be a more bespoke and tailored solution to match your needs whilst also proving to be a more cost effective way to manage your Dynamics Nav software. Simplified deployment as well as plenty of room for expansion and growth without the need to constantly update and upgrade systems and staff numbers means that SAAS is a rapidly growing form of software delivery.

By choosing to receive your Dynamics Nav as a service you will also benefit from constant backups and data recovery (in the unlikely event of anything going wrong) as well as guaranteed secularity of all data and information stored and a beneficial working relationship with K3.

More and more organisations are adopting SAAS so don’t hesitate. If you want a system that works for you, saves you money and receives constant professional support and maintenance then contact us today and adopt Dynamics NAV SAAS.