If you don’t have a B2B portal for NAV, you could be missing out on revenue!

Make the most of your NAV investment!

Investing in a B2B web portal makes perfect sense for manufacturing and distributing companies as online sales continue to grow across all industries. Buyers expect streamlined ordering methods in place to improve accuracy and efficiency along with the ability to adapt to mobile devices. Nav-to-Net™ B2B web portal offers full NAV integration to display live inventory, customer-specific pricing, and deploys a fail-safe method of managing orders.

From beginning to end, a Nav-to-Net™ project can cost as little as £20k.

Unlike many e-Commerce solutions which use a separate interface to link to NAV, Nav-to-Net is built within NAV so that all key NAV data can be managed within a single system. This ensures that in addition to general product information, all key NAV data like customer specific pricing and account information can be accessed and utilised for the web.

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Powerful webshop and technical features to accommodate customers and business users.


What can you expect from working with DVP and an e-Commerce solution like Nav-to-Net™?

Technical Specifications

The nitty-gritty technical side – What do you need to get started with our e-Commerce solutions for Dynamics NAV?

Dedicated Customer Service

Build better customer relationships with these features that allow you to target specific customers, either through customer-specific pricing, discounts, catalogues, and a bespoke dashboard. Personalize their experience with a custom log-in page and sales representative recommendations.

Money Better Managed

Nav-to-Net™ is seamlessly integrated to your existing NAV, taking care to accommodate customizations already in place. This integration means customers can simply view and manage their order history, account balances, and more any time they want. They also have the ability to make secure online payments and pay on account.

Mobile-Friendly Business

Nav-to-Net’s Responsive Design allows buyers to place orders using multiple devices such as tablets and smart phones anywhere in the field or company location. The fluid layout adapts depending on the device used to maximize the viewport and simplify navigation.

Order Lists

The creation of order lists is an invaluable tool for it gives the user the option of re-ordering from a pre-defined order list or using the items on a previous order to create a new order.

Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions can help buyers tailor their ordering procedure by enabling user-specific access.

Future-proof your business with powerful B2B-specific capabilities and the sophisticated integration of Nav-to-Net™.

Digital Vantage Point also provides a variety of solutions and packages for every business need.

What is Nav-toNet?

It’s a feature-rich e-Commerce solution suite built entirely in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Build meaningful online experiences and better customer relationships and start selling online through versatile and powerful NAV-integrated webshops. Nav-to-Net™ is also built with Responsive Design and can dynamically adapt to any viewport.

Who is Nav-toNet for?

Nav-to-Net™ is for companies that use or want to use NAV and leverage their existing investment, no matter their industry, company size, or business model. Whether B2B, B2C, or a hybrid, they are looking for e-Commerce websites that do it all, from effective product presentation to connecting customers to their business, all seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Why choose Nav-toNet for?

This developer-friendly solution can be tailored to fit precisely your business and customer needs, providing the best value and investment into the future. There are unlimited options without compromising on the technology and integration aspects of the solution. Benefits include reduced training, costs, maintenance, and worries. Unique features to Nav-to-Net™ like Configurator also help set you apart from the competition.

To discuss how K3 can help you improve your e-Commerce business please contact us

Contact K3 on: 0844 225 2480 or Email: SimplyDynamicsERP@k3btg.com