Inventory Insight and Intelligent Pricing

Electrical distributors often handle millions of parts and appliances from around the world to deliver product to your clients at a competitive price. Managing the balancing act between pricing and profitability requires real-time insight into inventory levels across the entire supply chain. Advanced Supply Chain Software™ is a complete solution that meets the needs of electrical distribution businesses.

  • Win more deals by shaping demand with intelligent pricing based on real-time inventory levels
  • Streamline the rebate management process and eliminate errors while improving insight into margins
  • Automate processes and easily capture data from multiple sources
  • Fast order entry helps reduce order cycle times and provides immediate visibility into previous orders and inventory availability across multiple locations

Manage and optimize your pricing for Omni Channel order entry. Better visibility, greater accuracy and more efficient processes help you to improve customer satisfaction with faster deliveries and fewer backorders or shipment errors. Faster order cycles mean customers receive their orders faster, improving your cash flow. Since customers buy more from suppliers they trust, you’ll enjoy more repeat orders and higher sales.

Advanced Supply Chain Software for electrical distributors helps optimize the supply chain for:

Electrical Apparatus, Equipment Wiring Supplies and Construction Material
Electrical Appliances, Television and Radio Set
Electronic Power Equipment, Chargers, Transformers and Inductors
Electronic Display Devices, Control Systems and Power Supplies
Electronic Heating and Cooling Equipment
Electronic Components, Equipment and Accessories
Microelectronics and Optoelectronics

Advanced Revenue Management

Optimize pricing and increase margins with features like Cost to Serve Management, Trade Promotion Management, Advanced Pricing, Advanced Chargeback Management, Vendor Rebate Management, Advanced Deductions Management, and Advanced Commissions Management.

Advanced Order Management

Deliver exceptional customer service and increase upselling opportunities by arming your customer service reps with real-time customer and product information. Advanced Order Management™ features include Advanced Order Entry, Stock Availability, Product Substitutions/Upselling, Left to Qualify, Duplicate Order Checking, Counter Sales and Lost Sales Tracking.

Advanced Inventory Management

Increase profitability while optimizing inventory and reducing costs with features like Customer Allocated Inventory, Consignment Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory, Cable and Reel Management, and Trade Service Price Management.

Advanced Business Management

Gain the critical insight needed to improve operations, make informed decisions, and predict outcomes with key performance indicators (KPIs), such as customer profitability, lowest and highest cost to serve customers, percentage of on time deliveries, percentage of invoices current and past due, warehouse productivity, and sales and marketing effectiveness.