The unprecedented squeeze on borrowing and general uncertainties in the banking world witnessed over the last few months need not affect your IT investment plans adversely.

Through our finance partnerships , K3, can help you spread the cost of achieving your system enhancements, without impacting your valuable working capital facilities at your bank. In this way we can help you achieve your economic priorities for IT investment of deliverable demonstrable ROI whilst maintaining cash flow.

Our finance partnerships allow you to budget for and acquire your chosen business solution, including, software, hardware, support and services. By combining all aspects of the acquisition into the finance agreement you can reduce your overall total cost of ownership and simplify budgeting and planning. They too can help you stay within your budget by turning up front costs into affordable monthly payments. It can help you control expenses, match cash flow to business benefits, and conserve cash for strategic investments.

Flexible Terms

Tailored solutions can be built and based around your individual needs that make sure your internal cash flow or budget restrictions don’t limit your innovation efforts. Various structures that let you match your payments to your anticipated cash flow, such as:

  • Flat monthly or quarterly payments*
  • Stepped payments*
  • Payment holidays*
  • Licence buy back finance*

*All products and promotions are subject to underwriting approval.

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Benefits to your business

The case for software finance is simple and powerful. K3 can bridge the gap between your technology requirements and your cash flow. It is the logical way to acquire software.

Helps Cash flow: Lets you extend the payment of the solution over time, so you can manage your business finances more effectively today and preserve your cash for emergencies or more strategic uses.

Comprehensive: Flexible payment plans enable you to finance not just software but also third party hardware, services, implementation, and even ongoing maintenance.

Tax Benefits: Monthly payments can qualify as trading expense and may therefore be tax deductable.

Future Upgrades: Finance your solution from K3 and you can expand or upgrade your system as the need arises, often without increasing your monthly payments. Capacity for specific add-ons at the start of the agreement can be built in to help budget and plan ahead.

Alternative source of credit: Finance provided by our finance partner has no effect on your other borrowing options which is particularly important in the current economic climate

Reduce costs, improve cash flow and increase your purchasing power

K3 partners Capitas Finance to provide customers with affordable, flexible, and easily attainable payment plans.  Because we keep the cost of entry of acquiring best-of-breed ERP systems low, you can conserve scarce capital and protect traditional credit lines to drive other areas of your business operation.