Improve Supply Chain Velocity and Optimise Margins

Whether you distribute industrial goods, hardware, plumbing, HVAC supplies, machinery or equipment, establishing pricing that keeps you competitive while optimizing your margins seems impossible. Margins below expectations are a symptom that actionable management information is lacking. Poor margins are just the beginning of your headaches when trying to price both competitively and profitably without really getting into your actual inventory levels, historical sales data, vendor agreements, special pricing agreements, rebates or your actual profit margins from similar orders.

Increase Return on Investment & Maximize Cash Flow with Industrial Distribution Software from I.B.I.S., Inc.

  • Margins below your expectations?
  • A murky view of inventory and financials?
  • Rebate tracking a nightmare?
  • Is ensuring compliance with government and customer demands is increasingly difficult?
  • An obsolete system holding you back?

Discover how a Microsoft Dynamics solution from I.B.I.S., Inc. can:

  • Improve operations across your entire business
  • Drive customer service and profit
  • Integrate with legacy software for enhanced collaboration

You need a solution that empowers you to optimize margins and gives you the visibility required to thrive in this fast-paced industry. I.B.I.S., Inc. can help. We implement software that provides you with the view needed to price products competitively, while boosting your return on sales and cash flow. Our software for distributors gives you the tools to:

  • Build Competitive Bids, Estimates and Contracts – With the ability to set appropriate prices to suit customers, jobs and promotions using real-time business intelligence to optimize returns on sales.
  • Achieve Higher Margins – With constant access to accurate, current information to improve profitability on OEM, MRO and small-quantity orders.
  • Optimize Sales – With an improved ability to cross-sell and up-sell items with better inventory visibility built right into your sales and ordering process.
  • Boost Cash Flow – With simplified A/R and A/P processes via automated tracking and alerts by supplier/customer according to invoice due dates and/or balance levels.
  • Track Rebates – Enjoy an up-to-the-moment view of margins via automated rebate processing.

I.B.I.S., Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to make a real difference to your bottom line with Distribution Software tailored to your specific business needs backed by over 25 years of industry experience

Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Equipment
In the hardware, plumbing and heating equipment industries, lacking a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution can cause redundancies, opening up the opportunity for errors and delays. You need a flexible solution that gives you complete visibility of your inventory and sales in order to give your customers the high-quality service they deserve. Advanced Supply Chain Software™ is tailored for distributors of:

  • Hardware
  • Plumbing and Heating Equipment & Supplies (Hydronics)
  • Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment & Supplies
  • Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies

Eliminate redundancy and boost efficiency with automated resource-planning processes and invoicing through batch jobs. Advanced Supply Chain Software™ provides process-specific features, such as a specialized kitting function to track and move all the necessary components for assembly. The end result of these key features is your employees will now have the time to ensure your customers receive better, more efficient service.

Machinery, Equipment and Supplies
Globalization has meant significant changes for the machinery, equipment and supply industries. Distributors working with suppliers from around the world must be able to operate efficiently while complying with global regulations and adapting to various languages. Meanwhile, distributors working with Western manufacturers are expected to cut costs while maintaining exceptional service in order to keep customers satisfied.

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ is tailored for distributors of:

  • Construction & Mining Machinery and Equipment
  • Farm & Garden Machinery and Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Service Establishment Equipment & Supplies
  • Transportation Equipment & Supplies

Equipment inventory software from Advanced Supply Chain Software™ gives you the tools you need to maximize the value of the products and services you deliver to your customers. Align inventory with current and future customer requirements with precise analytics and forecasting. Optimize customer relationships with a clear view of projects and therefore, a better level of service. And do it all with Advanced Supply Chain Software™.

Motor Vehicle and Automotive Parts and Supplies
As auto giants fall, surviving in the Automotive industry today requires flexibility, scalability and speed. If you don’t adapt your competitors will. The demand for elaborate and more complex component assemblies expands all while pressure to lower prices throughout the automotive industry continues. To keep up in this competitive environment, you need an integrated, advanced distribution system that streamlines processes to accelerate your assembly lines.

Get an end-to-end Automotive Distribution Solution that delivers:

  • Advanced Warehouse Management – get an accurate view of your inventory by make, model or stock in real-time, while automating purchase and transfer orders to ensure ideal inventory levels.
  • Requirements Planning – gain a 360-degree view of your supply chain for clear visibility into crucial data to make informed decisions moving your business forward every day.
  • Item Classification – systematically categorize items into hierarchical classification levels, up to six levels, to easily define price conditions and statistical analyses by hierarchy.
  • Carrier Services – simplify pricing per package by setting transport cost and transport points per warehouse freight zone.
  • Managing Competitors’ Items and Prices – easily keep track of your competitors’ items and prices to keep your product pricing competitive.
    And much more…

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ gives you instant access to a current view of your inventory. Search by make, model or stock number and manage the movement of inventory across locations. Along with access to detailed reports, your staff will be empowered to synchronize dealer demand with product availability.

Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies
When you specialize in distributing professional and commercial equipment, your customers expect prompt, safe delivery of their orders – delays at best may cost them business and at worst, such as in the medical industry, lives.

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for distributors is optimized for handling:

  • Photographic Equipment & Supplies
  • Office Equipment
  • Computers/Computer Peripheral Equipment & Software
  • Medical, Dental, Hospital Equipment & Supplies
  • Commercial Equipment, not elsewhere classified

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ ensures order fulfillment accuracy with real-time inventory tracking. Make note of client-specific instructions on packaging and source appropriate logistics providers in order to guarantee safe, prompt shipping of specialized equipment and supplies. Stay on top of strict industry and government regulations, particularly in the medical field. With advanced tracking and tracing functions, keep your employees and customers informed on the status of their shipments, improve supply chain velocity, and optimize margins for increased profitability.

Advanced Revenue Management

Optimize pricing and increase margins with features like Cost to Serve Management, Trade Promotion Management, Advanced Pricing, Advanced Chargeback Management, Vendor Rebate Management, Advanced Deductions Management, and Advanced Commissions Management.

Advanced Order Management

Deliver exceptional customer service and increase upselling opportunities by arming your customer service reps with real-time customer and product information. Advanced Order Management™ features include Advanced Order Entry, Stock Availability, Product Substitutions/Upselling, Left to Qualify, Duplicate Order Checking, Counter Sales and Lost Sales Tracking.

Advanced Inventory Management

Increase profitability while optimizing inventory and reducing costs with features like Customer Allocated Inventory, Consignment Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory, Cable and Reel Management, and Trade Service Price Management.

Advanced Business Management

Gain the critical insight needed to improve operations, make informed decisions, and predict outcomes with key performance indicators (KPIs), such as customer profitability, lowest and highest cost to serve customers, percentage of on time deliveries, percentage of invoices current and past due, warehouse productivity, and sales and marketing effectiveness.