Medical distribution softwareK3′ medical distribution software provides a complete and comprehensive distribution solution to the medical industry. Our systems help ensure that medical product distributors not only provide an efficient and powerful service to their customers but also help ensure their products meet industry compliance requirements while improving customer service and increasing profitability.

As well as helping ensure your business runs smoothly and in compliance with the strict guidelines of the industry, our medical distribution software will also help you to drive up you ever-important profit margins. By assisting you in running an efficient and productive organisation we can help you make the most of your finances. Our medical distribution software solutions are designed to help medicine distributors with accounting and stock issues whilst keeping track of sales and purchases with computerised bill printing.

Important features of our medical distribution software includes:

  • Shelf life management
  • Dangerous and restricted goods tracking
  • Dangerous and restricted goods control
  • Warranty and recall management
  • Comprehensive sales reports & summaries