Product Overview & Capability Guide Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

At the core of your business are your people, but your employees can only be as efficient as the tools and information made available to them.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the power to successfully align your people with your business vision by revolutionizing the way business processes are managed and controlled. Empower your business & employees with an enhanced, quick to implement, easy to use solution with the capacity to transform your supply chain & provide invaluable data insight to assist in making those vital decisions that will drive your business future.

Microsoft Dynamics has the flexibility to suit businesses across numerous industries no matter how niche your business may be. The solution can be scaled to suit businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large scale global companies. Consultancy and development services provided work to create solutions equipped to cater for your individual business requirements; working to deliver comprehensive business management functionality across financials and supply chain, product manufacture and much more!

A proven solution that’s easy to adapt and connect

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has delivered the capabilities, performance, and ease of use that power more than 84,000 diverse businesses in over 40 countries and delivers powerful core business management capabilities for:

  • Financial management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Project management
  • Service management

We aim to deliver a solution that is right for you and your business, on time and within budget. We will design and build a solution that is best for you.

Watch the Video to see how powerful and robust Microsoft Dynamics NAV really is.


Gain Greater Control

Today’s businesses operate in a fast paced and competitive world! Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides small and medium businesses like yours full visibility and insight in to business performance, resource utilisation and finances at the touch of a button.

Increase Margins

Informed decisions that you can be confident in are at the centre of business success and development. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you improve your margins, resources & increase cash flow to get the most out of your business & maximise profits.

Drive Growth

Embrace new opportunities with a solution that can not only facilitate but enhance your business growth; enabling you to achieve and even exceed business expectations by finding new revenue opportunities.