Rapid order entry softwareWhen running a busy organisation, time equals money. Time spent entering orders and not talking to customers is time wasted and money wasted.

K3 rapid order entry software provides a dedicated comprehensive system allowing you to quickly and efficiently capture information about customers without wasting time and money spending long periods of time capturing data. Staff can quickly make modifications to customer information using our efficient systems and order entry is flexible and tailored to the client, whether B2C or B2B.

Check out just some of the features of our rapid order entry software below:

Rapid order entry software for B2C features include:

  • Validating whether the customer wants a quote or order.
  • Up-selling and cross-selling suggestions.
  • Credit card authorization.

Rapid order entry software for B2B functions include the ability to:

  • Search and select the customer partner channel.
  • Add items via referenced assortments.
  • Close the order with available to promise validated.

To find out more please contact us

Contact K3 on: 0844 225 2480 or Email: simplydynamics@k3btg.com