We can make you considerable savings on your inventory Optimise your company’s performance and lower your inventory level while increasing service levels

AGR extend the capability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX for the Merchandising and Buying teams. It allows companies to move away from general moving average forecasts and weeks of cover for safety stock to detailed SKU by location forecasting, analysis and order recommendation. Demand Planning is also incorporated to ensure that demand stimulators such as promotions and events are managed into the Supply Chain. This results in greater availability by location and reduction in inventory levels. Customers have seen 2-10% increase in service levels and 15-40% decrease in inventory with 40% reduction in workload.

Inventory Optimisation for Wholesale & Distribution and Retailers

Are you thinking about how to make considerable savings on inventory costs while increasing service levels as well as freeing up time for purchasing managers and employees involved in the purchasing process?

Unlocking cash tied up in inventory along the supply chain looks simple on an accountant’s spreadsheet, but it’s not an easy task. Most companies that undertake a systematic, end-to-end effort to streamline their supply chain and improve their inventory management processes, reduce their total inventory costs by up to 35%, consequently freeing cash that can be used for more productive purposes. What can your organisation do to achieve similar results?

AGR Inventory Optimiser is designed for improving operations in the retail and distribution sectors. It uses raw data from a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and automatically selects the most appropriate forecasting method to estimate future demand.

Order proposals that minimise inventory costs and optimise service levels are generated from these forecasts and uploaded back into your ERP system.

This inventory management software is specifically designed to reduce your purchasing manager’s workload and improve your inventory management processes by ensuring more accurate forecasting and ordering. It offers comprehensive sales forecasting features, order proposals, easy sales history adjustments and graphical displays to provide a more detailed and accurate overall overview.

AGR Inventory Optimiser, the leading inventory software can be added to any ERP software system, which means there is no replacement cost. The application runs seamlessly with a variety of ERP software systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It can provide considerable savings on inventory costs while increasing service levels as well as freeing up time for purchasing managers and employees involved in the purchasing process.

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True Business Benefits:

  • Improved inventory management
  • More accurate forecasting and ordering
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Up to 35% reduction in inventory costs
  • Up to 85% fewer stock-outs
  • Workload reduction of up to 80% through automation
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Release of a considerable amount of working capital

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