Ty.Phoo meet their corporate wide objectives with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Ty.phoo Tea was established in the UK in 1903 and since then has grown from strength to strength with a number of diverse and successful brands. Ty.phoo was acquired by Apeejay Surrendra Group and launched as the Ty.phoo Tea Company in 2005.

When re-launched, Ty.phoo had little in the way of existing IT infrastructure. “The previous owners had centralised IT resources but when launched as the Ty.phoo Tea Company we had virtually nothing at all,” explained Geoff Hickman, Ty.phoo’s IT Manager. And to make matters even more complicated, we had just one year to design, install and implement new business systems with supporting infrastructure.”


Ty.Phoo’s new Enterprise Wide Information System had to encompass all aspects of financial control, human resources, marketing and demand planning, manufacturing planning and control, purchasing, inventory control, warehousing, sales order management, 3rd party logistics services, and EDI. Recognising the enormity of the project and realising that they would need expert external assistance if they were to meet the extremely tight deadlines, Ty.phoo approached a number of specialist solution providers before deciding to partner with K3.

“In the past, K3 had partnered with our previous parent company for a number of IT projects,” continued Geoff Hickman. “Our prime objective was to identify a suitable financial system and associated infrastructure so we evaluated a number of solutions including SAP, Open Accounts and Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics NAV ticked all of the boxes; it was powerful, flexible and could easily be integrated with other applications and fitted in with our budget.”


As K3 had the largest certified Microsoft NAV implementation team in the UK and years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and supporting complex NAV-base solutions, it made sound economic and technical sense for Ty.phoo to partner with them.

Ty.phoo already had an experienced in-house IT team and were confident that with K3’s help, they would quickly get up to speed in the technical aspects of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing them to enhance the system and expand it to meet their corporate-wide strategic objectives. “Knowledge transfer was an important element of this partnership,” added Geoff Hickman. “Premier was very cooperative in transferring our data to the new solution but the enormity of the overall project meant that we broke it down into six phases so that we could have a staged roll out and ensure that each phase was fully implemented – and that our users were fully confident in the solution – before we progressed to the next.”

“K3 proved their worth providing a high calibre of talented consultants with the professionalism, drive and determination to help us though this challenging project.”

“K3 proved their worth providing a high calibre of talented consultants with the professionalism, drive and determination to help us though this challenging project.”


Ty.phoo’s IT team and K3 rose to the challenge and worked under unique circumstances of breadth and complexity of function, and challenging timescales. In addition to a company-wide implementation of Microsoft Dynamics-NAV supporting over 70 concurrent users, K3 also implemented Microsoft Server Database Engine, Reporting Services and Analysis Services, SharePoint Portal Services, the Targit Business Intelligence Suite and BizTalk Server with Covast EDI Connectors.

“This project was instrumental to our business with many challenges and complexities that needed to be resolved under tight timescales,” concluded Geoff Hickman. “K3 proved their worth providing a high calibre of talented consultants with the professionalism, drive and determination to help us through this challenging project”.

The full solution has recently been upgraded to Dynamics NAV 2009. Future plans for Ty.phoo include on-going upgrades, improved EDI with customers and suppliers, enhanced MRP, and the expansion of the existing bar-coding application.

Business Benefits

• Totally integrated, end-to-end financial control system gives end-to-end control
• Vast improvements in data and information management
• On-demand, accurate and up-to-the-minute Fiscal, Management and Business reporting
• Centralised, integrated Customer EDI Relationship information
• Seamless integration with Demand Planning, Production Planning & Production Control
• Centralised and secure HR System
• Scalable and Secure Intranet and Extranet capability for sharing and collaborating with employees and trading partners
• New business processes for managing customer invoicing, credit control and debtors management