Maintaining and upgrading your business management solution is an essential part of doing business

If you upgrade Dynamics NAV, you will be taking advantage of improved functionality, new features, and enhanced capabilities, you can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

You also can keep your solution up to date with technology advances such as new operating systems and improved infrastructure changes.

Too often, businesses hold back on upgrading their existing solution. One fear is that upgrading will be a costly, time consuming process that won’t yield measurable benefits. Another is that the existing solution won’t have the staying power to justify an upgrade effort.

With more than two decades of growth and stability behind it, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution that helps you keep pace in a changing marketplace. When you upgrade Dynamics NAV to the latest version it’s an exceptional opportunity to add value to your solution and help your business grow. Powerful functionality and breakthrough user experience and technology innovations simplify access to information, improve organisational agility, and maximise your investment in Microsoft products and technologies. In addition, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, organisations can maximise their investments in other Microsoft technology.

Services and functionality offered through the Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows®, Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft BizTalk® Server, Microsoft SharePoint®, Microsoft Office, and emerging technologies can create synergies and enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These combinations of software and technology serve to magnify the focus on productivity improvements and process optimisation.

Keeping your business management solution up to date and your people equipped with the information and tools they need to drive business success is easy and cost-effective with the Business Ready Enhancement Plan. With the plan, you can count on a clear path to the future with smooth transitions to each new product generation and comprehensive training, support, and service. The plan includes all upgrades and service pack updates, along with investment protection, lifecycle support, and much more. Get more value from Microsoft Dynamics NAV—today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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