If there is anything you don’t know the answer to or need to know how something works with regards to your system, why not give us a call.Our team of experts will assist where possible and if we don’t know the answer immediately then we will call you back.

We can assist with questions such as:

  • “Am I ok to just change General Product Posting Group on an item or are there considerations I need to take into account?”
  • “If I want to set up a new customer, but their invoices go to a finance company, how do I do that?”

Please note all support calls should still be logged as normal.

We hope our “How to Helpline” will save you time and effort on the smaller things we may be able to advise or inform you on, leaving you to optimise your time and efforts where it counts.

Best regards,
K3 Customer Service Team

Your Guide to K3 Dynamics Customer Services

Your Guide to K3 Dynamics Customer Services

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

How to Helpline

01235 854106

Service Hours:
09:00 hrs – 17:30 hrs
Monday to Friday
(Excluding bank holidays)

This service is covered by your current support fee.

Contact K3 on: 0844 225 2480 or Email: SimplyDynamicsERP@k3btg.com